Dr. Earl Robicheaux is a master sonic artist who captures the essence of south Louisiana’s distinctiveness and beauty. Earl composed and produced an incredibly beautiful sonic backdrop for the “Natural Abundance” ongoing exhibit at the Louisiana State Museum in Baton Rouge, Louisiana – it weaves together the environmental sounds of Louisiana’s rich outdoors through the four seasons, during night and day. He also produced incredibly beautiful oral history compilations for the exhibit “Voces of the Atchafalya” and a collaboration with LSU Seagrant titled “Grand Isle Diaries.” Earl is a true audio master who is a treasure for documenting one of America’s richest and most distinct places.

Charles Chamberlain
Louisiana State Museum

Dr. Robicheaux has done projects with Louisiana Sea Grant. His nature recordings of Louisiana’s swamps and marshes represent both a document to the state’s natural resources while offering the listener a sound journey to a very primordial world. These are raw and real recordings of the soul of a very dense wildlife environment. Highly Recommended!

Roy Kron
Communications Director
LSU Segrant

In his soundscapes and soundscape compositions, Louisiana ecologist Dr. Earl Robicheaux masterfully captures the unique voices of the natural swamps and marshes he grew up in: a fragile ecosystem swirling with birds, other wildlife, wind, water, and weather, all changing with the seasons. His work both documents south Louisiana habitats and offers a deep, relaxing listening. Listeners will return to these recordings with pleasure, again and again.


Ann McCutchan
“River Music – an Atchafalaya Story”Prof. of Creative Writing/North Texas University

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