About Louisiana Soundscapes

cdbabybuttonThe composer of Louisiana soundscapes records a landscape, one of an environment in sound. There are various approaches to soundscape composition, but I have felt the responsibility to first document the Louisiana swamp and marsh habitats in a pure unaltered form. Soundscape composition originated in Canada and is mainly associated with Simon Frazer University in Vancouver. 

Most sounds in nature occur with a cyclic, or periodic, rhythmic repetition. To the listener, this produces a primacy of feeling within ourselves, thereby affecting the solar plexus, or nerve center of the body. As such, pure soundscape also serves as a sonic vehicle for meditation, sleep, relaxation, and various mental/emotional therapies. In today’s alienated society, stress and depression have become the norm.

It is the intention of this composer to offer Louisiana’s rich and diverse natural habitats through these recordings. The Atchafalaya Basin, or Mississippi backwater swamp, is the principal source of these unique sounds. The alluvial deposition of sediment produces a nitrogen-filled soil which produces a massive density of plant life, hence insects. Many species of avian and amphibian life occur due to this principle food source. The density and diversity of this life is reflected in a rich sound world. This is Louisiana’s real natural and cultural heritage. The Atchafalaya Basin exists as a parallel to the Amazon Basin of South America. It is North America’s premiere swamp. Much of this natural sound has never been professionally recorded or documented. Much of the electroacoustic musique concrete of the 20th century has focused on electronic sound manipulation. Inspired by the work of the french avant-garde composer Luc Ferrari, Robicheaux focuses on the natural environment of his home. It is a vastly complex sound world of sonic interrelationships and does indeed induce within the individual a reflective, subconscious, and primal association of the self. As such, the linkage between self and nature is stimulated. From this perspective, the environment is realised as a spiritual linkage between man and nature. 

In this regard, it is the hope of the composer that the listener will become more aware of the importance of natural environments in their area. Also, it places the Louisiana landscape as central to birders, environmentalists and wildlife observers. The soundscapes are also available as sound installations for museum exhibits or collaborations with any visual artist in need of sound design. (Special provisions are made in which all soundscape copyrighted material are usually given special permission of use.) It is strictly prohibited to use these soundscapes in any commercial manner – a direct violation of copyright. Therefore these are available as individual downloads and are not intended to be copied in any manner. As previously mentioned it also serves as a valuable tool for environmentalists (birders), music therapists, mental/emotional therapists, massage therapists as well as musicians, artists, and the general listening public as well as an educational vehicle for children.

Earl Robicheaux

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